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We're so glad that you are planning to attend the Viols West Workshop!

Viols West Workshop, August 6-12, 2023.
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

Important dates
Last date for Early Bird prices May 31
Last date to register July 5
Last date to Cancel with full refund June 4
Cancel with half refund June 5 through July 5
Cancel with no refund No refunds after July 5
Full payment must be received by July 5
See you at Viols West! August 6-12, 2023

Please refer to the Viols West Workshop Brochure (PDF, opens in new tab) for full information about the workshop, including descriptions of housing/dining, faculty bios, and full class descriptions.

Registration is now closed

Registration for Viols West Workshop 2023 is now closed. If you would like to be placed on the Waitlist, please continue with the Registration process, and we will contact you if/when a place becomes available. We will do our best to accommodate you!

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To keep all of us as safe as possible, the Viols West Workshop 2023 has adopted the following COVID-19 policy:

  1. Required: Full vaccination with all CDC-recommended boosters. Bring proof of vaccination to show at check-in at Cal Poly.
  2. Negative rapid antigen test required on day of arrival. (Give verbal confirmation of negative test result at check-in.) Further testing is recommended throughout the week, and required if at-risk (exposure, symptoms, etc). Bring extra test kits.
  3. Masking is optional.
  4. This policy is subject to change if circumstances warrant.

You must agree to follow the VW Workshop 2023 COVID-19 policy, or we will be unable to accept your registration.

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First Morning Class

A "Homeroom" Class featuring both technique and ensemble music. Homeroom classes will be formed according to experience and size of viol played. These classes will enjoy both technique instruction and coached consort playing. Please choose the size you would like to play.

1st choice viol:*
2nd choice viol:*

If, instead, you are interested in a "single-size" technique Homeroom class (for example, treble technique), please indicate below. Even though the focus will be technique, you'll get to enjoy some repertoire for your chosen size too. "Single-size" classes will be formed only if there is enough interest (so you still need to make your 1st and 2nd choices above).

"Single-size" class (Only if enough interest):
Second Morning Class

Please refer to the Brochure (PDF, opens in new tab) for detailed descriptions of the classes.
(On phones, be sure to scroll inside the list to see all options!)

1st choice viol:
2nd choice viol:

1st choice viol:
2nd choice viol:

1st choice viol:
2nd choice viol:
First Afternoon Class

Please refer to the Brochure (PDF, opens in new tab) for detailed descriptions of the classes.
(On phones, be sure to scroll inside the list to see all options!)

1st choice viol:
2nd choice viol:

1st choice viol:
2nd choice viol:

1st choice viol:
2nd choice viol:
Second Afternoon Class - Voices & Viols

Happy Anniversary William Byrd!
A musical celebration to mark the 400th anniversary of William Byrd's death, explore his life and work. Contemporaries such as Robert Dow held him in the highest esteem: "Among singers you are as the sun in the sky, good Birde", explore a sampling of works from different eras in his life including sumptuous motets, anthems, and selected movements from his celebrated Masses to rollicking secular works. Including works by Parsons, Tallis, and continental contemporaries featured for contrast and comparison.
Open to all levels and sizes of viols and all voices.

Indicate both instrument and voice part if you would like to both play and sing in Voices & Viols.

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